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Amani Barnes - No Chat Diaries #Day2 (Midnight) lyrics

It's cold… So very cold……. Literally it's like 28 degrees outside, it's cold af.

It's only been a day, and yet already so lonely… As I lay in wait, feasting off the remains of my own right leg in order to survive, I reminisce to my similar whitehat days… I guess I can't really call it reminiscence, but what did I do back then? How did I ever survive without chat…? What did I possibly do to pa** the time, and survive the biting cold…
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I imagine this to be a similar situation as an ancient Spartan scout, wandering through the bitter cold wilderness, remembering his days as a child when he was so carelessly tossed into the wild to fend for himself, in order to test his worth to the kingdom…

It's cold…

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