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Alterbeats - 7th Dynasty lyrics

[Intro: Tragedy Khadafi & Divine]
Peace, peace, peace, peace...
Yeah, you know we deal wit' the science of life, (no doubt) add on (indeed)
2-5 Supreme (Supreme 2-5)
Anything that don't add on man, it subtract man, (Divine, Tragedy Khadafi)
And we don't fuck wit' that

[1st Verse: Divine]
Yo, yo...
Still nice wit' the flow, cold, like I was ice in the snow/
Watch my life it unfold, behold, still rock ice in the gold
Type that'll go, bananas, sick, hear the hammers click/
Plans to get rich, writ manuscripts, that make the planets shift
Universalist, the murderous, murk 'em its permanence/
My third eye's sky turbulence, fly like Perseus
I behead the living dead, bled Gorgons, Medusas/
In Porsches wit' Rugers, my thoughts is Musa's
I Am That I Am, self, lord, master, I reign/
Can't sleep, I'm too deep in the game
Benz from a Range, when Feds aimed, I fled when they came/
But never the tame, was pouring back lead like it rained
Wetting 'em up, the best 'ill get tested and bust/
Never letting us up, my mens they get arrested and cuffed
Clash wit' the illest, bond wit' the truest, killers and shooters/
Math from builders, Dons, dealers, skills is influenced

[Hook 2X: Divine]
Seventh Dynasty emerge, we the wisest "G's"/
Livest Kings, surpass, last of the dying breed
Superb, when we amass, it's a crime we breathe/
Every word, get spitted in fact, high science, degrees

[2nd Verse: Tragedy Khadafi]
Yo, yo, yo…
Emerge from the burning ashes, I Self Lord And Master/
Through the mind's eyes, see what I'm after
Bloomberg let the goons loose, just for my capture/
My stamina, leave these tea party niggas wit' asthma
Mahdi, more proper to the eighth chakra/
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Get in 'em, like incisions from a doctor
I'm a, pro black mobster, butter sauce lobster/
Arabian horses, bosses, watching from copters
Mink collars, over ostrich, synopsis/
And my hand calls for power, like the adhān, straight out of Mosques
Mathematics show and prove God ain't the average/
Civilized ways that's gracious, far from a savage
My enemies, left in dishes, burned wit' acid/
Blood suckers of the poor, bunch of greedy bastards
Swords over their head, my fury is the fastest/
Imagine this, rap evangelist, here like Lazarus

[Hook 2X]

[3rd Verse: Divine]
Seventh Dynasty emerge, we return its classic/
Phoenix crashes, burn in the flames and fly from the ashes
Heat when I blast it, see Allah asleep in a casket/
Deep and I'm mastered, calm when Ramadan cause I fasted
But still got a thing for them triggers, leave niggas plastered/
React too quick for these cats, they slow as molasses
Thought displays, seconds of frames, die to keep up/
Like I arrived, out of my time, live from Egypt
Wardrobe is gold, a hoodied up, King Tut/
In war mode, explode, they pray my thing don't erupt
If I let it and bust, kids 'ill get it, deaded and crushed/
This God of war go on tour, who set it better than much
Better than most, fourth letter, forever I toast/
So I'm sipping while I sit wit' my clique, deading my foes
Clash wit' the illest, bond wit' the truest, killers and shooters/
Math from builders, Dons, dealers, skills is influenced

[Hook 2X]

[Outro: Divine]
Seventh dynasty...

Tragedy Khadafi appears courtesy of 25 To Life Records/Aura

© 2013 4th Letter Music (BMI)/Supreme Music Publishing (BMI)/25 To Life Records/Aura

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