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Altar Of Oblivion - Threshold To Oblivion (My Wrecked Mind) lyrics

Means to an end, that's what we are
Try to please them, but they don't care
Punch through the halo of make belief
Make or break is the root of it all

Under the pretence of humanity
We fight for freedom, sovereignty
Heavy casualties, there's no free will
Final glory and satisfaction

Heavy rain of red tears turns my road into seas of sludge
We're dancing on a hellish minefield
Corpses, crawling forwards through the mire
Playing tricks on my desire
And you know that we shall all burst into…flames

Strain on me, on the verge of demise
Seraph of triumph has abandoned me
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No peace from strangers, hallmark of d**h
Launched a**ault on my confidence

Batter my way into the fortress of lies
Determination increasing my sk**
Join me on my notorious campaign
Feel my power grow within the hour

(Strangers), creating universal grief, for the foe within us all
We're grinding to a halt in this hellhole
Yield, to the forces of the Damned
Torches for the High Command
And you know that we shall all burst into…flames

Come and let me show you the way into my wrecked mind
You will see my ship on the bottom of the restless sea

Bodies tear their way through my mind like in a firestorm
Fear is rising, hope is fading as the whirlwind breaks…loose

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