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Altar Of Oblivion - Line Of Ejection lyrics

See you on the other side, I'll prove to you, that I'm all right
Revealing experience rolling onward in high ecstasy
Virus has k**ed my only chance to deprive Invaders from victory
Brushed aside by Hordes of Hell, breaching my defensive line

Forced to observe sheer annihilation, my flag of hope is fading away
Last-ditch effort to protect our land, the flag of hatred is standing tall
Restore my virtual profundity, subjecting to the essential truth
Gearing up for the maximum effort, last obstacle for the broken remains

Show me the corridor to the world of the newborn fire
Before the creatures are unleashed upon us
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Carving my way through blood and steel to my breaking-point
Pick out the weakest spot on the Line of Ejection

I'm the One that will guide you into submission
I'm the One that really makes you suffer
I'm the Wrath that's lurking in the dead of night-time
I'm your Hubris slashing you from the Inside

Epic struggle reveals insights of sadness
Rising into eternal fire
Into the tragedy of human insanity
Self-inflicted wounds and suicide

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