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Alori Joh - Tolerate lyrics

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Weed elevate my brain cells
Sipping liquor while she exercise her brain well
She just another chapter in my freaky tales
Shout out to my n***as trapping to get some mail
This a cold world, plus life's a b**h
Haters trying to snatch her, I better wife her quick
What would I be without my mic and sh**
I'm on tour now what type of life is this?
This the good one, I'm so blessed dog
But why my baby mama trying stress me tho
She don't no I'm excellent, exercising these 16's
Reckless bars I'm far from a cliche rapper
With chains And Cars
So much more a child of Gods, product of these project Walls
But she praying on my down fall she wanna see me flop
While I'm In the studio grinding in the hope to see the top
She always calling my phone with Negative Energy
He say she say n*gga I Don't give damn
I'm just trying to stack a dollar, you just trying to cause a problem
Trying to use use my baby to lock me down
You full of drama! oh you got a man now, trying to throw him in my face
I don't give a damn! a gang of women want to take your place
I don't want to deal with your bullsh**, drive my baby off
Tired of the fussing and fighting with you trying to throw me off
Messy hoes, messy hoes all up in my business blood
Treadmills in their mouth running like a fitness club
You don't listen and you know I got a lot to say
Theres only so much in my brain I could tolerate

[Hook: Alori Joh]
I had to move on with my life
You know you ain't right, full of drama
Got me steaming and I ain't even in sauna
Throw me out, I won't even call yawl
Excuse so negative!

Bet you want to see my fall on my come up
Knock me of my swag, I swear I know you wanner!
I know you wanner (knock me of my swag)

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
I'm like f** a b**h
These hoes don't know who they f**ing with
Man my baby momma on that bullsh**
Sometimes I want to slap the sh** out of her real quick
But nawh I ain't going to do that, I'm a bigger man
And she would love to see my in that cell suffering
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I look back in the bible, women is mans greatest downfall
Just look at Adam & Eve and the story about Samson you wouldn't believe
You got to understand that these hoes deceive
Trying to take my to court this girl is a thieve
Trying to take what I ear, I take care of my seed
Probably trying to take the money to buy her jeans
Now she ain't broke now because of me, ain't that a b**h
I can't let this knock me off of track
I'mma train in motion, these haters trying to derail
Still on my grind, got no chance to be real
Got to make it to Heaven, I've been going through Hell
But real n*ggas know they be hearing me from miles away
Theres so much on your brain you could only tolerate

[Hook: Alori Joh]

[Verse 3: Jay Rock]
When my n*gga introduced me to her, such a beautiful face
Like some feeling I found my soul mate
Love is blind, my n*gga seen the problem from start
I should of just followed my first mar
But I stuck around and now she had my first child
Taking care responsibility, striven to see a smile
But when the fame came, thats when she changed
She didn't think I'd be on songs with big names
Her friends in her ears (girl you know he paid!)
He got a daughter for life, you know he straight
Funny we was talking about this sh** the other day
Top dog told me how these girls would play
Next day, baby momma text me, say she filing for full custody
Leaving sh** on my brain to f** with me
My momma told me God don't always like the ugly
So don't stress son you going to shine abundantly
Everything happens for a reason, If it was meant to be
It would be, we would be part of what is a beautiful seed
To clear my head, I hit the beautiful breeze
Crack afflli, then started burning the beautiful tree's
I'mma real father, I'm there for my daughter
Would give my last breathe, thats why I'm in this booth
Laying down a real, letting everybody know the truth
Go hard on these tracks, to make a way just for you
Not your mother, cause me and her days are through
If it was up to her, I wouldn't probably with you
Theres a lot of dead beat fathers on this earth
But daddy been here with you since birth
But I don't get credit for that, she ain't going to tell it
So a n*igga got to tell it in a rap
Man all my real fathers, stay straight and concentrate
Theres only such much on your brain you could tolerate

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