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Alori Joh - Stereotypical Victims lyrics

[Bridge: Ab-Soul]
My n***a, what it look like?

[Verse 1: Shawn May]
Stereotypical victims
Of society's vanity tryna win some
Deep in momentum
Scared of the outcome
Of clear reality, the pill's where it's coming from
The false reality of life is really humdrum
Since people try to live it
Since people used to it
It's kinda superfluous but they won't accept it
Living while old and wise, dying too young and reckless
The drama sets in
k**ing off the future with itself
Quite impressive in the eyes of Satan
Show up to God's house, Michael's sword is waiting
And Rin and Yukio are getting impatient
Glad to make His acquaintance
With the way I explain it
Steady explaining the explanation
[Lyrics from: https:/]
You thinking I'm playing?
Wait to the next part to hear what saying

My n***a, what it look like?
Stereotypes taking over our lives

[Hook: Alori Joh x2]
Tell it like it is, n***a
Tell it like it is, homeboy
Tell it like it is, n***a
Tell it like it is
Tell them what's up

My n***a, what it look like?

[Spoken Outro]
The simple fact that everyone lives by these stereotypes and by society's rules
I'm against all of the sh**
So I'ma make my music for y'all
Enjoy it

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