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Alori Joh - Pa**ion lyrics

[Verse 1]
Game keep changing, Tats on faces
Look close, you can see how rats run races
You find it's all about the cheese at the other end
They forgot the simple sh**, like strengthening your limbs
I listen to the radio and I begin to cringe
I eat MCs, find a spot inside my fridge
When y'all was tricking off, taking b**hes to the bridge
I was sparking up a cig, tryna tighten up this bridge
The hook is real catchy and the verse is interesting
Now all I need is a feature from Drake or Lil Wayne
I never move O's, like say a Gucci Mane
I'm broke as a b**h, and I spit like I'm insane
But what a n***a gotta do to shock the whole nation
Sign to ROC nation, become a f**ing Mason
Monopolize, prophesize an abomination
I'll Do it, but you thought it was just music?

What the f** happened
Somebody talk to 'em
Motherf** rapping
(oooooh, where's your pa**ion)

[Verse 2]
This for my n***as that log on to All HipHop
And listen to n***as they never heard cuz they love Hip Hop
I got so much drive I never need a pit stop
It's scarier than a whole hour of Alfred Hitchcock
I'll probably make your bottom lip drop when my sh** drop
I'm in tip top condition
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With a hustler's ambition
Ounce after ounce, me and Jizzle keep twisting
Until we get twisted like the caps on snitches
Just know our little pa**ion will take you a long way
Like p**y & Patron can salvage a long day
I dive head first in a verse and swim away
And pull a pen out and throw a grenade at your brigade
Like a Skin Head, you're a barber that can't fade
I'm up all night trying to come up with something crazy
So while you sleeping like a baby
I'mma seal up the game, no relation to the navy


[Verse 3]
I wake up in the morning and compose a rhyme doper than the last time before I even opened my eyes
Open-minded to the truth, but not naive to what is fiction
I probably love this more than my b**h, say I'm trippin'
Leave your a** in a ditch, if you can dig it
You mad cuz I found my niche and you didn't
Too f**ing bad
f** with Ab
And so you know, every sentence, it is from the Soul

The doors are closing, the sky is falling
If you ain't got pa**ion then why even bother
The new generation is all out of order
Somebody save them so we can move forward

[Ab-Soul randomly talks]

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