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Alori Joh - Compton State of Mind lyrics

Yeah, Kendrick Lamar. This is for the town n***a!

(Verse 1)
Me I'm from the hub city Yeah that compton court building
Caught a murder when his homie died Judge Caught Feelings
Im on Rosecrans chilling right inside best outlest
Five dollar Little Caesar Momma shopped at Food for less
Elementary McNair say whats up to Vanguard
Centennial high, had me swimming with a pool of sharks
Me I'm just a good kid trying to keep it neutral
But Im well aware that a square can get shot too
Most Crip and some Piru thats just how the game go
Hood on every corner stop for gas and get your brains blown
b**hes with fat a**es burning in the stashes
Murders in July call that summer time madness
Rest in peace 4bent rest in peace moss-berg
Swear to god when I make it big yo voice will be heard
Me Im just a good kid trying to keep it positive
Though I know its chaos forever my heart will live in...

Compton, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothin' you can't do
Now you're in Compton
These streets will make you or break you
Expire or inspire you
Let's hear it for Compton, Compton, Compton

(Verse 2)
Take you back to Y.E.T it was just divining me
Earl had got disciplined for not catching a fade that week
sh** had made him stronger though, yeah those were the good old days
Eating Tam's burger while my Juvenile CD had played
21 outside maybe sideline pop
Yellow tape on sidewalk damn somebody got popped
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Hoping that I live a lot, I don't want to die young
Please don't come shoot up my party, I just want to have fun
Sheriffs in my rear view, mother f** the police
Pull me over just to plant an 8 ball on me
f** it though I'm out here, I've always been out here
Since the Compton swap meet, black and red LA gears
Pac was on Rosecrans n***a I was right there
Cali Love video he said whattup I said yeah
Free my n***a J-Dub and both of the J-Mans
Eazy paved the way, Lil Eazy bout to get it in for..


(Verse 3)
I'm talking bout Westside Piru, N.H.P., Campanella, Carver Park
Front Hood, Nutty Blocc, Lantana, 151, Park Village
Cedar Block, Santana
Burgundy and Blue bandanas
Peace! Peace!
Fruit Town, Kelly Park, Southside, Elm Street
Poccet Hood, ATF, MOB, LPP, 135, VTP
Atlantic Drive, Limehood, NHC, PBC
Peace! Peace!
Tragniew, Compton Raymonds, Tree-Top, Mona Park, T Flats, 7 Os, 155
Compton Swamps, Holly hood, T Zones
All a n***a really want for us to keep
Peace! Peace!
But sh** that a take some time and more time
But I'm pushing to get us there in no time
Me, I'm just a good kid hoping I can spread love
Word to the county building forever I do it for...


[My n***a Hootie told me to keep it Compton, keep it Compton yeah
E-S-T 1987, Dominguez Hospital that b**h was on Bullis Road]

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