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Alon Eida - Smoke You Out lyrics

Imma smoke you out today
Finna get her right finna get him right
Imma smoke you out today
Yup, make you feel all good on the inside
Imma smoke you out today
Naw we ain't gotta match up lets get right
Imma smoke you out today(2x)

[Verse 1]
Everyday I wake up
Thank god for my life I ain't had much (Naw I ain't had much)
Y'all n***as be complaining too much
Being negative bringing bad luck (bad luck bad luck)
I ain't even like to think like that
If you falling off it ain't on us
So I get out of bed
Praying for Marcus that lost his leg
My n***a keep holding your head
Shout out to all of my brodees I know I ain't seen some of yall in a minute (In a minute)
I've been handling business
And yall been rocking out with me since the very beginning (I feel it)
I fell it I know who to stand with
Let me, stand up for my friendship
As I'm busting out the bando
Plotting on who to start a business plan with
Yes I'm inspired by who I'm friends with
I never steer you n***as in the wrong way (not at all)
We secured by jobs smoking J's all day
He gon watch us and the homie don't play (don't play)
Yea we livin' life that we excited bout' (excite bout')
Me and my haters we eye to eye (eye to eye)
So when I land in your city just know I'm looking for a ride or die because...


[Verse 2]
(Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo Mod Sun)
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If I got weed my hippie you got weed
It been that way since I was just thirteen
Now I'm all grown up get this sh** for free
Five zips to head each week from a dispensary
No sh** that may get rain on me
It's like I got trees on tress (got trees on trees)
I'm in love with the THC
And everybody know me
Mod Sun Imma smoke you out today and tomorrow
We got enough that we never have to borrow
Jump up in my car
We can do a loop around the block
Got the windows up we don't even top
Hot box, all these backwoods got it look like a forest
Imma get you high as f** before the chorus
Me and Dizzy be gettin' busy in every city
Never go to court me and Mary Jane never get divorced
All I'm sayin is, I got stupid pot
Rolling all day like a sushi spot
Hit the doob a lot
But it's obvious that i do a lot (that's true)
One day everybody will support
But until then Imma stare right down my course
Imma live it no remorse
Backwoods got it look like a forest
Imma get you high as f** before the chorus


[Verse 3]
Yo, cause I'm a real little hippie a** stoner (right on)
Hit me when you wanna come up (Yamp)
Giving motivation only f**ing with the motivated smokers
(So do not get lazy on me)
f** with it as long as it's medicated
Which city finna get crazy for me
I know damn well marijuana should be legal everywhere
So today I'm prepared to smoke you out today

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