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Alon Eida - Smoke Box (Interlude) lyrics

Oh so today's the day huh?
Today you wanna get high with the big boys huh?
You wanna take it to that level huh?

[Hook 2x]
Let me welcome you to the smoke box
Windows up, couple in rotation
Hot box out about three or four faces
Hippie down to the laces
Up in the smoke box
Man, you can't even handle this much smoke
Coughing like you ain't never ever been this high
If you can't hang homie, what you come for?
Up in the smoke box

[Verse 1]
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Look I always got the loud, don't trip
We packed in this little a** whip
Smoked out with my hips
A dab will get his head real quick
Four strands will make them rookie lungs flip
Phuncky Feel Tipsin my joint as I'm taking a rip
Yeah, thank the homie B-Real for this
Look, stoners worldwide wanna smoke with Dizzy
Hippy straight from Vegas
I'm just tryna see what city keep it lit
I tell em' everyday is 4/20
I tell em' everyday is 4/20
Another joint being twist
And the next time these loud smoking n***as
Really think that they smoke tell them this

Let me welcome you to the smoke box

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