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Alon Eida - No Time Is Better lyrics

Right now, Lets start forever
Right now, lets make a change
Right now, no time is better
Right now right now

[Verse 1]
Nothing that I got I took for granted (talk to em')
I told the homies i ain't coming out empty handed (not at all)
They ain't believe me I was rantin'
Going in one ear and out the other
You should've seen what I was planning
We was making music videos with the cannon
Didn't know nothing, did everything low budget
But we had real love for it (love for it)
And that was where it started
Man life is crazy and I hate the way I saw it
So I did it, little n**let was legally blind
Build up my confidence
Do anything that I set on my mind
Cause I was taught you won't get nowhere with a negative mind
They show love and I respond "man the pleasure is mine"
On one, one day God's response gon' come
You really wanna be able to look back
And thank yourself for not f**ing your future up in the long run
It's more than keeping it real when it's facts (what's up)


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[Verse 2]
Man we work to hard to quit now
No struggle, no strength
With two jobs I'm tryna juggle my shifts
I'm looking around (round)
And I can see these frustrated looks, being mistreated
Feeling like they got the chain on they foot
Spreading awareness
Without being careless it gets deep
But some of us just got that sh** that you can't teach
But that can't be cloned (cloned)
Would you have acted a little different if you known
She was already being abused at home
Screaming "who am I?"
A humble king until I'm crucified
But I'm not here to try and make it about me
Do or die now watching another friend commit suicide
Cause even at her bravest she was feeling afraid to leave
I mean long walks and good talks and therapy
May not never be enough but sh** its a start to a better me
And I'm not tryna tell you how to live your life
But when I needed to hear God's voice this is what he said to me

[Bridge 2x]
Right now right now right now
Said it ain't no time like right now
Right now right now right now
Right now is all we got


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