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Alon Eida - I Can Tell You Needed It lyrics

[Intro - Moskie Moe & Dizzy Wright]
(Yo yo what's up G what you doing man)
sh** man I'm chilling man, smoking man

[Verse 1 - Dizzy Wright]
I guess my time has finally come, and it's amazing
Sitting in the back of my tour bus, smoked out, just blazing
Can't be broke forever, hell nah
So close that I could taste it
Pulling up to the venue with a loud pack already waiting
Let me knock this sound check out
(Light the weed when I step out)
Funk Volume we the best out
When it comes to all around artistry (right, right, right)
Making beats send them straight to me
And I'm riding to them like y'all
Then I write to 'em, hit the studio
Just me and all of my dogs
I ain't breaking no laws (nah)
Keep it cool everybody know me (everybody know me)
Got my marijuana card still won't explain that to the police (never)
Stay away from them cuffs (cuffs)
Keep weed enough I can tuck
I'm not the weed man, I don't sell weed
Cause it's not a n***a I trust (I trust)
So I'm buying fifty-six grams
Just to break the homie off with some nugs
It's peace and love, and I don't need
None my n***as go and get stoned (stoned)
I know life ain't easy
Holding sh** down on your own (own)
I clearly see that you feeling down
So here's something that'll take you up
And have you in the clouds my n***a

[Hook - Dizzy Wright]
I can tell you needed it
It's peace and love my n***a, go and get stoned
I can tell you needed it
It'll make you feel right when everything feels wrong [2x]

[Verse 2 - Berner]
I can tell you needed weed from the king himself
Illadelph, bong hits, let the bubble melt
If these packs don't sell, I'll send 'em in the mail
These cops k**ing young kids, let 'em burn in hell
Free the weed, more love, need it in the streets
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How I hate Billboard and this industry
The radio don't play me and, I don't even care
My core fan base made, me a millionaire (true)
Frisco blew and, Johnny Walker blew (blew)
In a town car thinking, daydreaming
But its really true (it is)
All this cash that I'm counting
House in a mountain
Two green houses and a water fountain (Scarface)
Three girlfriends, they all hate each other (come on now)
Can't we all, get along, and hang together? (trust me)
Trust me it would be much sweeter if we get it right
All my girls in one room just acting tight (smoking)

Hook - Dizzy Wright

[Verse 3 - Dizzy Wright]
Right on, right on
Cause when your stashing up with no cash flow
Don't worry bout it (Don't worry bout it)
You can slide through
I'm finna clean the rig and then sterilize it
We still verbalizing it's a damn shame I ain't bigger now
But look i made enough to at least to help all my n***as out
Every month we get weed provided
Smoking that Dizzy OG and I'm getting excited
Makes me want to spread love, n***a why the f** is ya'll fighting?
Why the f** is ya'll complaining about who the nicest?
Now everybody coming to my shows and wanna smoke and hold up their devices
Look, ya'll should just enjoy the vibe
Close your eyes and just enjoy the vibe
They say there's more to life than weed
I tell them I'm more than fine
Low temp dabs, no blowing, puffing on no hookah sticks
Hitting up Logic like "hit up my celly when you feeling buried alive"
(Puff puff then pa**)
When you make up your mind hit my line
Cause these other n***as be lying, they sh** trash
We new and improved, puffin a doob, chilling with uncle Bern
With some s**y girls
That don't roll weed but they all wanna learn, like...

Hook - Dizzy Wright

[Outro - Moskie Moe & Dizzy Wright]
Ayo Moskie what up man how was that weed bruh?
(Aye sh** bro that sh** sat me on my a**)
Aye man that was the ohh wee bruh
(Aye man [?] that was super offical)

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