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Alon Eida - Explain Myself lyrics

[Intro: Hopsin]
All I hear is ladi dadi, dadi dadi, dadi dadi, dadi dada

[Hook: Hopsin]
Ain't gotta explain myself to no n***a, I don't have to change
Who the f** I am, dawg, hell nah, that just ain't me
Don't worry 'bout the moves I make, we can really take it there if we have to
All I hear is ladi dadi, dadi dadi, dadi dadi, dadi dada

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
They calling me the fly guy general, everything is memorable
Marijuana keep me at my pinnacle
Look, lucky me, I got two nougies that's identical
Me stayin' away from all the nicotine and chemicals
Look, I hit my west coast 1-2, cause lyrics do what guns do
n***as doing what they want to, like this is what it's come to?
Come and witness lives you see me saving
DDT, you break your neck before I break my concentration
Mention the best, motherf**ers better come correct (right!)
Respected on the West, no doubt I'm here to finesse (right!)
Got problems? Hit me direct or get hit with the k** switch
And see, Dizzy go 0 to 100 real quick

[Verse 2: SwizZz]
Look, Z to the third, I prefer to observe
Been on the sideline for a minute, now I'm 'bout to emerge
Separated myself from losers tryna take what I earn
Put my faith in this music knowing nothing's easy deserved, I got racks baby
You haven't noticed, I've been working on these tracks lately
Stacking this ammo just in case these n***as act crazy
I got my eyes wide open, putting this plan in motion, plotting how when I'm smoking
Forget about it, your vision's clouded and the truth is shrouded
And bullsh**, so, all that gossip, we can do without it
I'm SwizZzleFish, who wants to skinny dip and take a swim?
The water's warm, I promise, darling, take that off and jump on in, yeah

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[Verse 3: Jarren Benton]
I'm spitting the illest autobiography, could body your arteries
Name a motherf**er hard as me
I outta be mentioned with the Greek mythology gods
I beat and body the odds, his feet is by the garage
His head inside a duffel bag that's in back of my Dodge
Mr. Benton, ho, I refuse to be pigeonholed, with these imbeciles
A space case that's been on, b**h, I been gone
I finger these hoes till I get carpal tunnel syndrome
I rap like I don't wanna go back in that basement
Cook up murder material, get blood on my apron
You don't want no problems, what the bra** knuckle done
I'm a bully, I don't care to watch these fags guzzle cum
Gat with the bracket that the strap buckle on
Dr. Lecter in this b**h with that black muzzle on
f** the industry! Chip on my shoulder, b**h, remember me?
I'm 'bout to murder all my enemies, Hail Mary!

[Verse 4: Hopsin]
Sorry if I come off conceited
I'm dropping k**er bars till you n***as all deleted
This lil' microphone, I'm known to eat it
The moment that I succeeded
It was hard to keep the b**hes off my penis
Can you believe it?
I been perceived this, a motherf**ing omen
Rap Trojan, Hulk Hogan, patrollin'
I ain't here to take no sh** from no man
Got a problem with you, I'mma say it, b**h, you know it
I'm Conan, I stroll in
Looking like a monster when I go in
Standing up against me, you got no chance
Tryna play the game without a token, you n***as gotta be joking
This is the reason my n***as the dopest, we on it


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