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Allfather - Through Ages Wrought lyrics

Heritage; as it ages brings strength
Wrought ever stronger through the instrument of progression
Each life lived pa**es knowledge to the next
Wisdom and experience of the past allows a new link to begin
An inexorable advancement that only grows mightier as the years pa**

Life is a never ending struggle for understanding and sk**
As a life pa**es, this struggle is pa**ed to the next
The responsibility becomes that of the heir
Only when this is realized and honoured
Can one's lineage becomes greater
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Ancestry becomes naught if nothing can be gained from it
Or shunned through cowardice and weakness
Only a fool would deny his line
Ignore the inherent gifts it brings

The true man seeks to embrace his forefathers and revere their wisdom
When his past is respected, he can then gain strength and ambition
The true man holds the will of all his ancestors within
By this can he fortify himself and
Consent his kind to a life of pride and honour

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