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Allfather - Progeny Of Vengeance lyrics

Behold the portent of oblivion that which will waste away the feted scourge of man
The fiery wheel of Capricorn and of Taurus spins inexorable onward toward annihilation
Global penalty, typhoons of blood, the fire of purity burns all life away
Disaster, ma** unbalance
The eternal star of Venus fortold this
Hammer of the gods, praise be the fall

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d**h of humanness cleansing inferno to bathe the world, genocide
Great judgement, streams of fire purifies the race of man
The shadow of d**h descends upon the sin that is man
Discountenance cast aside no longer in favor
Hail and fire, ashes to the wind mingled with blood
The aboral voice of lightening is the harbringer of the apocalypse of man
The blazing star eclipsed in darkness my kingdom gone ecliptic serpent unwound

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