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Allfather - Hail! Tyrants Of War lyrics

Only he would know his might, know his goals
To not tolerate what should not be
To accomplish that which should be, evolution
The power of the past
Behold, might is master
Great race supreme and unlimitless
Hail, Tyrants of war
Hail beast of man
The right of nature is to overcome
He would do so to out strip his rivals
A swath cut through natural order
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Pale faced warriors, harken
Kinglings attack
Undisputable might conquest unparallel mighty ones prevail
Completing the circle, we are sons born from triumph
Trumpeters resound through thunder bolts of steel
Primal hordes reviled
Atop morning vapor sacrificed armies
Teutonic might reviled
An iron will for an iron age
An iron people for an iron kingdom
Hail, Tyrants of War

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