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Allfather - Evolution To Supremacy lyrics

"A living thing seeks to discharge its strength - life itself is will to power self - preservation is only one of the indirect and most frequent results." - Friedrich Nietzsche "Beyond Good and Evil".

All living beasts share the same primary instinct, with either intellect great or minute
From the mightiest man to the lowest insect, each grow, honoring the same desire
The desire to bestow to its contemporaries what it has to offer, what it is here to bear
Forged by eons of predecessors, by millennia of toil and yearning
Longing for something greater, an evolution to supremacy

Selfishness and egoism, the secular right of all species
It is immoral to take what is needed at a time of need?
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Progression dictates it is essential for the advancement of all life
Every organism is innately drawn to pursue the task to spread itself into the world
Taking what appeals to it, what is essential for its survival and success
At times with the result of the destruction of another lesser being
Yet always justified through growth by chronicles of generations past

Behond an era when power and vigor govern all existence
When all that is weak and feeble hold no place amongst the mighty
Natural law commands supreme, and all that is inherent is cherished
Not shunned and rejected, where it is devoid of prominence and distinction
Where the decadent throes of equality are lost and are replaced by resilient individuality, to an epoch in which progress and discovery reign, forever wondrous

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