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Allfather - Blood And Soil lyrics

With ever step we walk in the footsteps of our folk
Upholding ages past with every stride
Worth and nobility born innate, to be pa**ed onto the next birth
Ever seeking enhancement, honour, a legacy demanding ascension
A life becomes worthless if a man defies this instinctive ideal
Generations lost, merely to appease the arrogance of one

Birth and ancestry never to be called our own
For we do not choose who we are or from whence we came
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Only through life can we sustain and strenghen the chain
Seizing what is given and using it as a means to flourish
Capturing with an iron fist and wielding to advantage
Rising to a greater echelon, carving a path to heretical honour

Pursuit of fortune, pride and power, a means to an end
The means: will of one manipulated through oneself
And through oneself it becomes the will of generations
The end: self empowerment and ancestral progression
A testament to existence where worth is solely for the strong

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