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Allenym - Valentine lyrics

[Verse 1: Allenym]
Lately, i been thinking how it all started
A Facebook status, we were kinda retarded
But i wouldn't trade it, it was way worth it
A weird moment that later became perfect
We started talking, never knew whats next
Like who would've guessed, that love could've grew through a text
I still lay in my bed, trying to figure it out
How a little innocent message could lead me to now
Its odd to me, cus it wasn't love at first sight
Before then id must've met you like a million times
But you were out of my league, so i never thought to try
Till one of your friends, went and put the thought in mind
And ill admit, i was late to the punch
My heart racing on that day when i took you to lunch
I almost chickened out, when i bought that chicken fried rice
But without you now, i couldn't even picture my life

[Chorus x2: Allenym]
And this valentines day, i want you know
No matter the struggle, no matter which path that we go
Ill be there, standing right by your side
Ill be your valentine, and i hope that you'll stay mine

[Verse 2: Allenym]
Our memories together, are to many to list through
But i remember when i first realized that id miss you
It was strange, before we even spoke in person
Before i even knew that my motives certain
A little camping trip, that's all it took
No phone, if i could text you at all i would
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It was misery, no reception to connect with
I was restless, if only i could send you a message
I would calm down, only when i got into town
I thought it then, that id always want you around
Looking back, its crazy how long i would wait
Before i finally had the courage to go out on a date
And crazier still, that you even agreed to go
Cus in my dreams, all that i could see was no
But i'm glad i asked anyway, id take a risk
It payed off, i'm in a great relationship

[Chorus x2: Allenym]

[Verse 3: Allenym]
The days pa**, weeks turn into years
And today, i'm still grateful that your here
Awkward picnics, to when you first came to visit me
Every second we've spent together i remember it vividly
From our first date to the first kiss on the roof
I realized the only things my life was missing was you
A lot of things tried to take us apart
But i;m not having it, i'm never breaking your heart
There was a lot of fear that i was moving away
But luckily i had a friend that had a room where i stayed
That;s where i wrote our first song, rapping All i ask
So glad you answered that you love me back
And at 18, i had nothing to start with
When the time came,i got my own job and apartment
Anything to stay together, you took my life and you made it better
Ill stay forever, can't imagine a greater pleasure

[Chorus x2: Allenym]

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