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Allenym - The Message lyrics

[Verse 1: Allenym]
They saying the rapture is near, if it was actually here
Should we be happy or would it exactly be that that we fear
Can you honestly tell yourself that you would change nothing
If you could speak to god would you even say something
Would you, beg forgiveness and just hope he let you have it
Or justify your actions badness your kicked the habit
Are you planning, or do you just not like to think about it
Are you atheist? or does god exist no doubt about it
I have my own opinions but i'm not about to shout em
I'm just trying to get you thinking not see who's speaking the loudest
Not doubting beliefs, nor believing those who would doubt it
I see an enemy in anyone speaking beliefs the proudest
Cus its belief, you believe it, and maybe its believable
But to push it on another's unspeakable, inconceivable
And you could argue that i right now am pushing mine
But i'm just speaking from my heart with written lines in my given time
I think about life, and i think about d**h
And its got me thinking, whos' beliefs i'm believing less
It leaves me stressed, but i'm not about to break
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Cus i live in every moment like my next is at the gate
Like my necks about to break, is how i try and live
But its hard to see the truth behind every lie and fib
With every crying kid, you'd like to think that there's an angel
But when you think it, you need to think it from every angle
The stars are spangled, and the economy strangled
Does that justify us? i don't know, my thoughts are mangled
When you actually think about it, this life is saddening
Maybe a new world order isn't such a bad thing
I'm not talking conspiracy or Illuminati though
But united as 1, we need some kind of new approach
With every new testament always testing the boundaries
Its only a matter of time fore' all the testing has found it
I thought i was writing this to make you all think
But at the end of the day i see, your all me
I'm just thinking the thoughts that everyone has been thinking
The only difference being that i just decided to sing it
No particular view is better, thinking it starts wars
Every group has representatives repping the hardcore
Underestimated art form, that's what i'm showing
You can speak a message while flowing, and now you know it

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