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Allenym - Stolen Memories lyrics

[Verse 1: Allenym]
As a kid, i never thought of me as different
School wasn't my place, not a part of me was listening
I know now, what i never knew then
Like why i had a dad, but i never met him again
What he meant to me, became lost in penitentiarys'
The truth dawns, and now i'm left with false memories
And now hes dead to me, f** It, i'm not heavenly
Never forgive, Never forget, I'm not Legacy
I will not follow the path that he got set for me
I blaze trails, and i won't stop till the d**h of me
Stay Memories, I don't wanna connect
I wanted a father, but you only wanna inject
I'm more upset, that i'm not the only one that you left
Child support knocks, your giving none of your check
Your selfish, leaving many teen moms helpless
Wishing you poor health, you can burn in hell b**h

[Chorus x2: Allenym]
The Past is gone, but memories are lasting on
From the good times, to when i was bad and wrong
From laughter, to friends and family pa**ing on
Everything i ever saw, i ama** in song
[Verse 2: Allenym]
Came into the world struggling, Gasping for air
After a little checkup, they saw asthma was there
Saying that its severe, to be glad i was here
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I wasn't suppose to make it, but i laugh through the tears
It wasn't easy, a lot of late night hospital trips
I wasn't breathing, but it wasn't something doctors could fix
Albuterol, Just a temporary patch for the sh**
Just suffer through it, that's to much to ask of a kid
The years pa**, and it seems like a bearable burden
But i still tell god that its unfair that i'm hurting
So it gets worse, i guess that's his response
The sh** hurts, i'm no longer f**ing laughing it off
Every little trigger and i always hack and i cough
How many times has a nurse took me back to an office
One day it got bad, and when i walked through the door
I pa**ed away, fell to the floor

[Chorus x2: Allenym]

[Outro: Allenym]
But i came back, God gave my brain back
New dedication, yeah. d**h'll create that
Ambitious, i wasn't the same brat
Was looking for some purpose, and it became rap
Beats and verses, No longer weak and worthless
Anything Block my path, i defeat and murk it
Make a happy ending of the saddest song
Welcome to my life, i'm glad you tagged along

[Chorus x2: Allenym]

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