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Allenym - Rat Race lyrics

[Verse 1: Allenym]
The clock ticks, and i'm still walking, don't give a sh**
But your still talking, what don't you get, i don't chill often
No options, i couldn't dream of it
Hate that i'm jaded, who do i play in the scheme of it
Tell me what my meaning is, i gotta know
Cus without purpose, i'm a murder without the crow
I'm burning about to blow, i can't handle it
I get manic, can't stand it i'm panicking
The titanic never touching land again's the land i'm in
Blind back flip off the tramp, and then hope i'm landing it
Walk a lonely road, live a life not even homies know
Think you know me? no, no direction, i only flow
So-sew me closed, i got a wound in my brain
Its confusing like i'm choosing to be losing the game
My music insane, a drug that i induce in your brain
My own therapist, the medicine reduces the pain

[Chorus x2: Allenym]
And the wheel keep spinning
Running so hard, stuck in the same spot that i started
And the wheel keeps spinning
But i'm never moving, whatever i'm chasing i'm bout to lose it

[Verse 2: Allenym]
Getting dizzy now, Still a lot of things i need to figure out
Like why is she the only thing i give a sh** about
Its f** rap, f** this, f** that
How come that nothing i really f**ing actually want happens
Its irritating, my own failures infuriating
Need to act now, cus in the past i been merely waiting
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I'm still debating a way to get off track
Escape the ball and chain, n start carving my own path
Depart from my old past, get off of these med pills
Another day on this treadmill and ill be dead k**ed
I'm dread filled, trying to keep my days the same
To stay afraid, till the day i waste away
Its safe to say, i'm dwelling on what i could've done
My mind stuck on the things i know i shouldn't want
But i had it once, and i'm forever indebted
My first love, and i can never forget it

[Chorus x2: Allenym]

[Verse 3: Allenym]
Change my ways, todays' the day i awaken fate
About time i start planning for my great escape
I've lain awake, dissecting my every option
Capturing bad thoughts, and practicing how to stop them
Lock them and lose the key, and truthfully
I wanna look back at me and be like who was he
New and improved, People saying who would've knew
That that dude outta Idaho would do what he do
Something to prove, breaking the wheel off the track
Ram into the gla** cage, and i'm making a crack
Taking a stand, getting control of my life
Done with the flight, my new instinct to fight
I see the light, one day ill be named reverend
Wheels off of the ground but i stay revving it
Slay precedence, you can relay the messages
Alacran about to be moving, ill make the best of it

[Chorus x2: Allenym]

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