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Allenym - My Mind lyrics

[Verse 1: Allenym]
November 10th, the year, was 1993
I was sent here, the greatest day in all of human history
My purpose was a mystery, why do we live at all
If all life ends in d**h, then why do we give our all
No sense, is made, so i kept flipping the page
A newborn to this world was just beginning to age
And each and everyday my curiosity prospered
I could be what i wanted, a demon or even doctor
People would try to alter, all of my dreams and goals
Creep into my bones, to conquer and eat my soul
They want me to be their own, conform me to their society
They try to lie to me quietly but i fight it mightily
My brain is losing sight of me, it'l be soon gone
A time in life will come, when i wanna just move on
A great fight will arise, and i don't know if i'm winning it
But for now, i wonder in ever wonderful innocence

[Chorus x2: Allenym]
As time goes on, i can only think to myself
Why are we even here at all
I try to go on, but i can't help myself
My mind keeps traveling on and on
[Verse 2: Allenym]
New thoughts, cross, my ever growing mind
But it seems that without fail they always get lost in time
I'm getting older, feeling the world on my shoulders
The more life that i live i see that i that i'm getting molded
But for what, i wonder, reality get sundered
When i try to comprehend what people do to one another
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Everyone is someones brother, daughter, sister, mother son
But do we even stop to think what that person means to someone
No, we don't, we grasp our hands around their throats
Denying them any hope, our only goal is to choke
To k**, to ma**acre, be rid of anyone different
Desensitized to evil, getting rid of any innocence
Living bliss through ignorance, the world has gone to sh**
We need to embrace our minds, reach a higher consciousness
But any thought of this, are blasphemy to those in power
But we are the 99%, lets claim the world as ours

[Verse 3: Allenym]
A day, a year, How long its been isn't clear
Time just kinda blends together, d**h forever getting near
But we've got nothing to fear, it ain't about the destination
Its about the journey, what we can learn as a generation
With no form of hesitation, live life to its full potential
Your goals aren't big enough, if they don't think that your mental
I think its essential that everybody try and make one
And the people who tell you no are the people who gave up
But the older you get, the more you don't give a sh**
Being self conscious is a trait of a kid
But we do it, why? we fill our mind with lies
Ignoring whats inside, we build a clever disguise
But in the end its not important its just the cover of the book
Cus in our final chapter, it won't even matter how you looked
But we gotta stay strong, even knowing that it ends
So when d**h comes for you, embrace him as old friends

[Chorus x2: Allenym]

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