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Allenym - All I Ask lyrics

[Verse 1: Allenym]
All i ask, is that you remember me
Forget the misery, keep the happiest memories
Remember all the late nights, the long talks
The great times, your phone calls were my alarm clock
And even if i didn't sleep the night the before
Hearing Your voice was worth all the tired i endured
Your love worth fighting for, i remember every second
Every text we ever sent, every word and every sentence
Every thought i ever had, every feeling that i felt
I remember before you, when i was feeling by myself
But you came into my life and changed that and i'm grateful
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Thank you, for that i know i can never repay you
Before you i had my plate full, was hateful
I truly believe that our first talk was fateful
And when i compliment you and you wanna deny it
I hope you know that i'm not lying when i try it
You keep me crying, but its not cus i'm depressed
Its tears of happiness that are falling to my chest
Its knowing you said yes, and the thought of our success
Its the fact i have you, and i realize that i'm blessed
Your the best, and id do whatever i had to do
To have a girl like you who can put up with my attitude
I could never express all the love i have for you
In fact To love me back is all i can really ask of you

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