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Allenym - All Grown Up lyrics

[Verse 1: Allenym
When i think about it i remember being a kid
Mom asking who done it, me pleading the fifth
Oldest of 4, always planned on doing something greater
In my spare time, catch me bringing pen to paper
Everybody always said you have so much potential
But getting my credentials just wasn't that essential
I left school, couldn't take another hour
Told my family when i make that that mansion is ours
How come fame is so hard for everybody but me to see
Got me writing songs on how nobody believed in me
It seems with every generation that things are getting worse
Dreams being crushed when instead they should be encouraged
I see it everyday, childhoods keep getting shorter
I know when i have kids ill be the biggest supported
As i sit in this room making rickety sounds
I can't wait till i get to say look at me now
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[Verse 2: Allenym]
My dreams aren't necessarily being a rapper
I'm aiming for money, i might even settle for actor
Maybe ill even settle down and just write a book
When people ask what i do i won't say i'm a cook
I'm dreaming big, and i won't settle for less
I know what pain is, and I've meddles in stress
I won't be living my life on those government checks
Ill be in the bus with the groupies, all they wanting is s**
Perfect example of what happens when you don't dream
You can't expect money to happen if you don't scheme
And it don't seem, like many people are trying
I just never want the bills to make me see mom crying
Create your own destiny, i'm destined for bigger things
My girl won't struggle shes destined for bigger rings
You could say i'm a bad example, a drop out
But i want better and being like you is not how

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