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Allen Michael Gomez - Late Night lyrics

[Produced by Yondo]


Late nights with my music

Late nights I can't do this
Different thoughts in my mind like
Sometimes I can't find light

[Verse 1: Allen Mikal]
It's like I'm locked inside a cage
There's many ways for man to lose his mind
But one being this game
Different pains to cope with, I'm a victim and a culprit
And emphasis on culprit, there's not a lot of hope
In my city with my people, circle my circumference
The radius effected if Donald hear the trumpets
I must get it off my chest
I gotta say, i don't want no republican runnin my estate
I only state facts, you copy mine I gotta break that
The media print false information on them fake cats
They lion, I'm the same kind of breed, a Leo in the flesh
You see, by any means
Gotta keep it real wit myself, yo f** the green
When that dollar crack
All the simple minds gon' start to freeze
My chakras open and my 3rd eye especially
Neglecting me
And I ask God to keep protecting me

[Hook: Allen Mikal]
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Late nights in the booth
Late nights with my music
Late nights im with you
Late nights I can't do this
Different thoughts in my mind like
Sometimes I can't find light
Different thoughts in my mind like
I write, like sometimes I can't find light

[Verse 2: Rez]


[Verse 3: Allen Mikal]
Yeah, Life is sweet but artificial
Haha, It is not what it's supposed to be
But hopefully in due time I'll learn to cope wit ease
Cuz I'm not enjoying the company of my dark side
I'm tryna separate it from me like apartheid
Im only tryna figure out just where my heart lies
But these other n***as in my state is straight wack
My mind racing and sometimes I feel I need a straight jack
It never stop, hmm
Overthinking is a habit, it's hazardous to the people around me
Thinkin it's lavish and it's not
It's just my dark pa**enger tryna establish
My mental capacity, but rapidly attack
And it's sad that the devil took a toll on my path
I might crash but make sure my soul last
I know that these n***as won't let me prevail
But I'll only go as far as my mind says that I will

[Hook x2]

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