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Allen Jones - Live From the Center of a Black Hole (Walk on By freestyle) lyrics

Hahahaha yeah. Oh yeah y'all ain't ready for this one. Tabs, I'm about to take y'all on a journey. Through stellar navigation. Introspective. 'Bout to take y'all on a journey. Going through the wormhole. See how deep that sh** goes. One time, walk with me:

I made an Einstein-Rosen bridge out of ropes and twigs
So I could open lids to work my way through this hole to go where hope exists
My soul was solar it grew colder cause of the polar shift
Never knew kissing the sun's molten lips would be as cold as this
My inner demons rose from an open pit
They still linger in my sick dome I smell the brim stone and sulfur mix
I was sold a myth missed over a golden cliffs
So slick I slipped from the rope before the rope could slip around my throat and twist
What we were told: this kid's erroneous
Now I'm tryna extract venom from the exact center of where the cobra bit
I have principles now but I was sublime on some revolting sh**
Till I heard the groans of the growing sick and then my motive switched
To a motive ready to explode and start throwing fists
I get nuts, throwing fits d**h touch exploding brick
Head f**, I get up, whenever I'm told to sit
You can bet I stand in Neverland attention span too broke to fix
Don't need no coke to sniff
Rolled the spliff of a solar eclipse over Möbius Strip and smoked it before I wrote this script
k**ing it since I was younger feeling like one of Kony's kids
Components of my emotions emotionless, frozen stiff
Archeological dig-sight, I got a bone to pick
To be honest I never saw the logic, in if and only if
They said me and my sanity could happily coexist
Back in the day they told me this I barely laughed my way to broken ribs
Gamble with my life going all in with my poker chips
It's appropriate before I leave from the brink, I wait for showmanship
I gotta ask son, does Tabs One have to choke a b**h?
You chocha blowing dick, coach of ulcers provoking my Vulcan grip
I'm saying though I'm going super Saiyan mode for this
To leave my opponents with a copious overture of holy sh**
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I never hesitate underestimate or over-glimpse
My goal's to spit till every soul's convinced: I am Jehova's kid

I made an Einstein-Rosen bridge out of a smoken spliff
And unrequired love notes, that I wrote when I was a hopeless kid
My road wasn't paved with golden bricks
It was paved by the decaying bones of slaves in rogues who didn't know to quit
Feels like I came on a slave boat, sick of the ownership
The onus is on us to slave and not get paid what we're owed for it
I was told some bogusness
Corrosive to the soul of those who focus on those odious fallacies, realities that don't exist
Divine on self I'm true I follow the rules of Paloneous
I don't exist in the category where you cronies and jabronies fit
Ample example of how opposed my opponent is
Cuz his hands are full like the first time I groped the tits of an older chick
Felonious the cops like what in the H E double goalie-sticks Bumping [?thaloneous stunt?], smoking a blunt in a stolen whip
In a moment of loneliness I slowly motorboat ya b**h
And give your wife's tale my white whale, I got a Moby dick
Don't need no opiates, only a roach clip
And some potent to smoke and a corrosive potion of rum and coke to sip
They k**ed me when I was younger, feel like one of Arobi's kids
Moving through emotions so ocean quick, that I get motion sick
Looking at this scene, it would seem that we're closely knit But they hold a shiv, know it fits in your rib-cage with haste they slowly twist
They claim there's love but it don't exist
Their claim ain't got a leg to stand on like doing yoga splits with a broken hip
I let it fly 24/8, on some Kobe sh**
Always diss you phonies before I rip that Rollie of your bony wrist
With my use of force, I should be a part of Yoda's clique
Invoking fear like a viking bone appearing through the ocean mist
I'm an olden myth, all of them floor be though that don't exist
Ferocious vocalist crush the world when I close my fist
I won't rest till I'm a guest up in Jehovah's crib
Kicks up on the sofa looking over the globe like we own this b**h

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