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Allen Ginsberg - Dope Fiend Blues lyrics

Yes I'm a dope fiend, I don't believe your laws
Hey Mr. Policeman I'm a dope fiend, take that
joint out of your jaws
I'm a dopefiend and I'm getting out of jail because

I'm a dopefiend sitting in my bedroom high
I didn't even light up no muggles, don't know why
I'm just naturally a dopefiend under empty sky
Yes I'm a dopefiend I don't sniff cocaine
I hear the walls ringing my nose is still in pain
It's snowing all round NY City gimme a 2 penny

Oho I'm a dopefiend shoulda seen me usta mainline
Yah seen me shoulda shoot that white heroine
useta get the chills but never burnt down my mind

Hey hey Oh Lord Dope Fiend I dropped LSD
I seen Manhattan's towers stick up in Eternity
Ten years ago you shoulda took the elevator up
with me, Holy!

Ha Ha I'm a dopefiend niggerlovin Commie Fagot
I'm a beatnik hippie longhair but a square I never
But if you Mother see my picture in the paper
she say I look clean

Hey I'm a dopefiend I'm a dopefiend I breathe
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sweet clean air
I don't shoot speed in my arm never more I'm a
dopefiend everywhere
I'm a dopefiend in the policeman's eyes Yeah They
wouldn't dare

to bust me for dopefiend I don't carry any shit
I'm just a dopefiend by nature I like to sit on the
all naked with my clothes on make a blue mantra

I'm a dopefiend I'm a dopefiend gonna bust this
nation's mind
I'm gonna put LSD in your prayers & laughing gas
in the wind
Aether & Peyote gonna drive Mt Rainier blind--

I'm a dopefiend I roll my soul in friendly grass
Dopefiend Dopefiend I carry Nothing but Dharma
up my ass
Yeaas all you dopefiends hear me! out there in the
middle class!

Hey rich dopefiend when you gonna change the
Hey poor dopefiend join the Socialist Revolutionary party
They gonna legalise existence, everybody ride a big
white horse.

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