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Allen Ginsberg - Punk Rock Your My Big Crybaby lyrics

I'll tell my deaf mother on you! Fall on the floor
and eat your grandmother's diapers! Drums,
Whatta lotta Noise you want a Revolution?
Wanna Apocalypse? Blow up in Dynamite Sound?
I can't get excited, Louder! Viciouser!
f** me in the a**! s** me! Come in my ears!
I want those pink Abdominal bellybuttons!
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Promise you'll murder me in the gutter with Orgasms!
I'll by a ticket to you nightclub, I wanna get busted!
50 years old I wanna Go! with whips & chains & leather!
Spank me! Kiss me in the eye! s** me all over
from Mabuhay Gardens to CBGB's coast to coast
Skull to toe Gimme yr electric guitar naked,
Punk President, eat up the FBI w/ yr big mouth.

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