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Allen Ginsberg - End the Vietnam War lyrics

Come along come along, end the Vietnam War, dirty smart bombs and napalms and U.S. army whores
Come along come along, hey baby don't be late. Come along come along, let's celebrate Watergate
Come along come along, for Nixon's in his home. Come along come along, sitting under teapot domes
Come along come along, forget their h**ne. Smoke some gra** and relax, and forget your bloody world
Come along oh Americans, and let's be number two. Number one was a kissy-a** act we all went through
Come along, save the whales, and save the humans too, and the ladies, and the fairies, and the communist true blue
Come along out of the Cold War, the planet is still here. We've got to save our mom and nothing more we have to fear
Come along and let the people, and the other species rare, breathe again in vasty space, the cleaned out U.S. air
Come along without your fission, and if you fusion choose, just make sure you don't burn up the very ground you use
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Come along without your pistol, without your policeman's badge, secret infiltrators shooting up themselves in coloured rage
Come along without (_____) state; come along without your power. Come along just as you are, really naked for an hour. You have all your life to wear your clothes, ninety years to milk your cow. Come along and breathe together, and conspire to be here now
Come along come along, the hour is at hand, when all this mighty nation that smokes across the land, can wake up again, and shake off our Indochina scream, and hear eight hundred orphaned babies, they all dream
Come along oh modern nation and get down on your knees, and ask the gods and (____) to forgive us if they please. We have k**ed two million people, we have wounded millions more, and fifteen million refugees are waiting at our door
So come along humble and act to please mankind. Cut down on our electricals, dim light has made us blind to the stars, and the birdies, and the coyotes, and the babes. We have seen without the seeing, buried under brimstone waves
Come along come along, the war is over now. Indochina's independent, and we are friends with mui. The war is over yeah! The war is over here, and now begins the battle to make our souls more dear
Come along come along, and empty out your mind of all the American garbage we cast out in the wine. All the law and order chatter that the gangsters sold us fools, all the military clatter, and their costly, useless tools. We need more farms and farmers. We need to work the land. We need to get down on our knees and see with our own hands the Earth we stand on top of, the Earth we have bombed out
Come along come along and lift the sky with holly shouts, yeah!
Come along in Tallaha**ee, come along in Idaho. Kick the military cops out, let all secret agents go to the unemployment office down here with us, below

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