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Allen "Allstar" Gordon - Let's Stay Home Tonight (Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1: Petey Pablo]
Your [?] are fat
I'm 'bout eat you up girl
The wait has been long enough
And I'm ready (been ready) to freak the funk
Where the gravy?
Let me get some hottie on toast with a pound of butter
No soda, no juice, no water or nothing
Junk man till I pa** the hell out
I want some slobber hanging out the side of your mouth
I want some honey flow to the bed, to the couch
I want some to the front, to the back of the house
No phone, no 2-way, nobody tracking us down
Baby mama, your baby daddy Petey back in the house
Let me rub you down in hot oil and cocoa butter
Let's play hide and go seek and he can't stop
Cause [?] take this thing to the gutter
Hey Joe, bring that hook back and let me slip on this rubber

[Verse 2: Joe]
(This is the remix)
Girl it's been a while for us
We gotta lot of making up
Let's get into some s**y stuff
Ain't no need for us to rush
(This is, this is the remix)
Girl I got an appetite
And I'm about to take a bite
So baby let's dim the lights
Daddy's staying home tonight

Tell your girlfriends
Don't be coming round like if we be on the bed rocking all night
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Girl I'll have you in and out of here
Seen it like a [?]

[Chorus: Joe]
Girl I wanna show you love
Romance you till you get enough
Oh baby now let's stay home tonight
Let's stay home tonight

Girl, here is where I wanna stay
No friends, no phone, no 2-ways
Oh, let's stay home tonight
Let's stay home tonight

[Verse 3: Joe]
Settle baby, It's about to get crazy
Gon' be ridin' tonight
Cause girl, you got a s**y way
So girl put on a show for J
And you know how I like to play when we play

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

[Verse 4: Petey Pablo (Joe)]
Oh no pager, no phone
Don't knock on my door
Leave us alone, nobody's home
Ohno car, no keys
I can't go
She can't leave
Please baby
(Let's stay home tonight)

[Chorus x3]

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