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Allegiance Original Broadway Cast - What Makes a Man lyrics

What Makes a Man
By: Original Broadway Cast of Allegiance (ft. Telly Leung)

It's time we took action
And found a way out of this place
I'll set an example
Help others to see beyond race

And though my face resembles
Our enemies in war
I am still American,
Nothing less and nothing more!

I'll never be a scholar
Much as Pop wants me to be
And I'm not some nameless body in a crowd

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If Pop would only see
The soldier I could be
I'll finally find a way
To make him proud
I'll finally find a way
To make me proud!

What makes a man
Is his dignity,
When he stands for what is right
What makes a man
Is his loyalty,
When he fights his nation's fight
What makes a man
Is what he makes of himself
When he's giving it all he can!

For all our sakes,
I'll do what it takes
I must be my own man

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