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Allegiance Original Broadway Cast - Victory Swing lyrics

Victory Swing
By: Allegiance Original Broadway Cast

Victory, swing with me

[Verse 1]
They coming home from Germany, Minila and France
Yeah, he sold his [?] to get freedom a chance
Now, the poor and the Emperor out of the way
So it's time to hand it over to the USA

[Verse 2]
Now it's liberty and freedom, woo
The fought for uncle Sam before me and you
Four and four and half to be
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It's the World War II count, victory swing

The J.A.C.L applauds the government's decision to allow Japanese Americans to return to civilian life. Each evacuee will receive a bus ticket and $25.
We leave with high hopes for a bright future. Secure in the knowledge that we have done or part, for the war effort.

[Verse 3]
We tracking our camping sk**s, special crew
But decorated heroes of the 4, 4, 2
We thought you were the enemy, you proved us wrong
Now just get back home where you belong

[Verse 4]
That old messy business, whoopsie doo
Your papa uncle Sam, wow! Good for you
Now your families there to sing with the 4,4,2 pound victory swing
Victory, Victory, Victory,Victory!

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