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Allegiance Original Broadway Cast - Resist lyrics

[Verse 1]
I got my draft notice, I'm supposed to report for induction next week
How can they force you to fight?
I won't go, not unless they free our families first
But you can't resist the draft
It's not the right
Will put you in prison
This is prison

[Verse 2]
We do what's in here, made us all disappear
Without charge, or cause, or reason
Now we're all going to fight, have our bloods spilled
Despite, the way that they've treated us
So this is the plan, resist, take a stand
They can hand us all for treason
When our families go home, and we're ready to serve
be drafted like the rest
We've our righteous cause, there are rights and laws
Let's put them to the test

Resist, or face the fire
Resist, if they require
We enlist and we demand, they understand
We will name the price
Resist, is now or never
Resist, we stand together
To insist, before we fight to insist
Before we fight, we do what's right
And we pledge to sacrifice

[Verse 3]
We won't fight until our families are free
Ben, Kimora, Mike, this is the guy who save my life
Thank you! It's an honour
How about a statement for the press, tell the world why you're fighting for America
I'm a regular guy, just a Yankee G.I
Who's fighting for his country
See soldiers like me, want our families free
Mine set Part Mountain Camp

[Verse 4]
How do you feel about the draft riots at Hart Mountain?
Draft riots?
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They are being led by a resistor name Frank Suzuki
You know him?
Sorry to say I do.
He's got them burning their draft cards and refusing to fight for their country
What do you say about that?
In war we unite, we don't run from a fight
In shame or humiliation
American values are what lie at stake
We stand for what is right
Life and liberty, This will set us free
And we're ready to fight

Resist, is now or never
Resist, we stand together
To insist, before we fight to insist
Before we fight, we do what's right
And we pledge to sacrifice
Resist, and fight
Resist, and fight
Resist, and fight

[Verse 5]
I'm fighting to win back my family's freedom
For that, am willing to make the ultimate sacrifice
We are loyal Americans, putting our lives on the line
We condemn these draft dodgers
We dishonor our troops, and we disgrace all freedom loving people
We condemn agitators like Frank Suzuki, and his followers
They are cowards and traitors
They must be punished
We must defend life and liberty, by any means necessary

[Verse 6]
Okay Kimora, we're only letting you out of the [?] on the count of your son
My son? Is he?
No, he's on the cover of Laugh Magazine
Lai Isomu?
He's a hero, doing his country proud
Can I keep
Sure, maybe you'll learn something
What is this face they show, upon the cover
This noble soldier an example to his men

I am fighting for the honor of all Japanese American. Especially my grandfather and father, who spend their lives proving their loyalty to the United States. I look forward to the day that I can see them, free. Along with my sister, K. I never thought I'd miss her nagging me, but she's a lot nicer than a drill sergeant.

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