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Allegiance Original Broadway Cast - How Can You Go? lyrics

[Verse 1]
Please don't abandon us will you want you here Sam
They left us nothing now I need you by my side
How can you go, and leave your family?
How can you turn, and just walk away?

[Verse 2]
You've got your fret key now, he's not my blood
I've no allegiance to a traitor, like that man
Can't just still not understand
You heard what papa said, the war is over
It's time to start again, together like before

[Verse 3]
How can you go, you saw my daughter?
she does your blood, look at what you miss
Don't talk of family
How can you go?
The Kay I knew would have protected her
Sam, all I asked today
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How can I go on, living like this?
Just stay

[Verse 4]
First [?] it was camp then or war
I was there too
I was in love Kay
I loved someone too
You need us all so Sam, families is all that you've got
It's this family I fought, the blood on both your hands
A house full of cowards and traitors like you

[Verse 5]
You're the traitor, turning your back on your family
If this is family, there's nothing here for me
Then go on, run away
I don't need you anymore
Yo're that the only one, who sacrifice
You and I, do this for
You are not a hero, you're a coward

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