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Allegiance Original Broadway Cast - Gaman lyrics

By: Original Broadway Cast of Allegiance (ft. Lea Salonga & Christopheren Nomura)

It will all be alright
There's a way through this night
Stay strong
On this long road
We bury our pain
There's a word we will say
To help get through each
We will bear any nightmare
With a simple refrain

Gaman, Gaman
Sturdy and sure, keep faith and endure
Gaman, Gaman
Hold your head high and carry on, Gaman

This life up on high
Looking down
See how I have lost
Am exhausted, weak, and ashamed
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Little baby, don't cry
[?] a sweet lullaby
Have I failed to protect you?
Am I to blame?
We know that there's no turning back

If we hold together,
There's nothing we lack
And our people will know
That wherever we go
Together we ever remain
Gaman, Gaman
Sturdy and sure, keep faith and endure
We will carry on

Dignity, pride
As we stand side by side
Even when all hope seems gone

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