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Allegiance Original Broadway Cast - Allegiance lyrics

That piece of paper there,
It is an outrage.
So many tens of thousand lives destroyed for what?
They can deport you back to Japan.

They call it questionnaire.
They took our heart,
They took our home,
And now our honor is at stake.
But that they'll never take, never take.
Allegiance. Allegiance.

You will not serve unless they force you in their army.
(Allegiance. Allegiance.)

[SAM ]
Our army.

We look like enemy.
The see disloyal.
Let them accuse me or deport me if they wish.
They took our liberty.
All empty words.
They promise justice for our people.
Look around!
We are dead upon the ground.
Look around!
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[SAM ]
Pop, I have a chance to defend my country.
I'm taking it.

Should my allegiance lie
First with my family?

I've got to calm them,
Make them listen.

If I TATSUOto bow,
Will I harm them instead?

[SAM ]
You took a stand.
Is it time to take mine?

If I go through with this,
I may never see them again.
If I deny myself,
What kind of man am I?

Someday you'll understand
The path I've chosen.
Today, I answer no,
And no, to set my conscience free.
My allegiance must lie first with me!

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