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Alimen - Last Breath lyrics

[Intro: Alimen]
Yeah, the scientist (last breath x2) Last breath, كنا نتسكع يومياً
Ah, Yeah, Bless

[Verse 1: Alimen]
Repping it ah, k**ing it when I represent
I k**ed my fear ah. When I did I faced the d**h in it, that's a definite
I've been searching for the benefit, never figured out what is it
Praying everyday that's my medicine
When I'm seeking to be blessed
My mama head I be kissing it
But when I'm angry, I try hard not to start ruining it
With the homies I was kicking it
Got into some trouble Skinny started flexing it
Then he started talking, knocked out
His head they were smashing it (echo x1) Crushing it (echo x2)
All I see is blood.. f** that sh**, I recovered, breathe, his eyes, there's blood in them
Skinny still sleeping, carried him heavy as an elephant
That was the evidence, I realized a dagger's stuck in my back, poison was in it (was in it x6)

[Bridge: Alimen]
Now I've got one more last day to live, one more last day to live
Today... today, and the only thing I want to do is
(Pray x3) I'm blessed with this last breath, I'm blessed with this last breath
Ah you know I'm blessed, with this last breath
I'm gonna pray for the one and only (the one), the one and only (the one), the one and only (the one)
Forgive me, for everything I have done

[Verse 2: Alimen]
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كنا نتسكع يومياً فالمساء, نشكي همومنا لبعضنا البعض فالحيا
But now he's facing fate, تمنيته كان بالبيت sharing love with the family having dinner from that one plate
وين ما رحت.. وين ما جيت انا فكرت, فالشي الي انت شربته و دخنت
مو بسهل يعلن استسلامه, حتى لو اوباما
Has been a brother to Osama bin Laden
Man staring at this mirror مطعون بخنجر سم, I'm feeling really ill is it me or is it him
I'm in the ambulance, going to the hospital, the doctor's telling Mum I'm poisoned she's saying that's impossible
I'm in bed she's holding my hands while I've got the shivers
God forgive me for these times when I was a sinner
I'm feeling very cold I'm sure that's not the weather
Pain in my bones and heart is really getting worse
My blood is pumping slowly as the poison is dispersed
They all knew, it was time from the look of the nurse
Love you sis, mama dont you worry
My vision's getting blurry
I'm in darkness the only brightness is that candle
My girl's holding it.. saying stay with us please
But the pain was hard to handle
The smile upon her lips makes me hundred percent sure that she's an angel, girl I'm grateful
For all the time together and how you keep me faithful
I'm blessed having you, I love you baby angel
Your beauty is a work of art
If you ever need me then you'll find me in your heart

[Outro : Alimen]
(I'm blessed with this last breath x2)

Maan I'm blessed, with this last breath.. homie I'm blessed. Last Breath

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