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Aliens - Only Waiting lyrics

You think you can find just what you want from everywhere around
Everyone I know, they look for more but they find no more, in time
Time to go, go, go, go, go, go, go

But if you take a walk somewhere I know that you will be with me
Every day now, now, now, now, now, now

What you wanna find, you can't find inside, you know that you've got to be there
Where you want to, where you think that you will find me
That's OK now, you can run away, but you won't take yourself with you, I know

It's alright now, it's OK
It's alright now, it's OK
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Everywhere I go, I find them running to and fro', I know they're only waiting
For the chosen one, always on the run, always on the run

It's another day, and I'll get away from here, I know we will find you
Only you, always new, like a moon, I'll find you waiting
Sha na na na na

(?) you'll find me
(?) on the edge, on the ocean

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