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Alien Machine - Machine In Love lyrics

(I want you).
No emotion.
(I want, I want you).
No emotion.

(T'you, I want you, you, t'you, t'you, t'you, t'you, t'you.

The happy machine?
The happy machine?
No reason to sing,
No emotion.

I'm wire and stone
(I'm wire and stone),
What you did to break,
Break, break,
My heart?

(I want you)
No emotion.
(I want you)
'Want the universe explode?
No emotion.
(No emotion).

Push my button to break,
[Lyrics from: https:/]
to break, break my heart, love.

They are not real,
Or even more real than you and I.
This is the Alien Machine Band.

Love is for everyone,
Love is for everyone.

Think once if you aren't a machine,
Think twice if you aren't a slave.

When the sun turns into a red giant, honey,
That will be really, really hot.
Only one thing is for sure,
Little, little will remain but love.

So turn your face to the Milky Way
And think where you come from.
You and me, sons of the Big Machine.
Love, love, love.

A machine never started,
A machine that never stops.

Love is for everyone,
Love is for everyone.

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