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Alien Machine - Good Bye Earthlings lyrics

Good-bye, earthlings.

We are leaving your dirty world.
Ask the queen of the bees or the king of the birds.
Maybe they know, maybe they'll show you
Something you may have to learn.

We are feeling the heat of the night.
"The summer is magic, magic, oh oh oh".
(Of the night)

Heat of the night.

But it's getting a little hot, hot for us.
We are a lot of souls,
But we have only one a**.

Excuse me if I forget to mention someone,
you'll understand, I'm a machine, I hope.
(I hope, I hope, I hope).
We would like to stay longer here,
but we are flying non-stop.

It's not for you, you are such a whacker,
but you have some good bands of hip hop.

Don't get me wrong,
this little planet is not yours,
it was sold to us, thousand of years ago.

(Don't get me wrong,
but this f**ing planet is not yours.
It was sold to us, thousand of years ago).

Back then, this planet Earth, had two moons.
Google it. Google it,
and you'll see that it is true.
Now, there's only one (moon).
Because we ate the other (moons).


Now shake your dirty a**, earthling, and dance with me.
(Dance with me, dance).
And don't eat your moon.

Where else are you going to look
when you fall in love,
when you cannot pay the power bill,
And you can't watch TV-anymore?

We saw you building the pyramids.
See what you can do, with some stones and a jar of beer!
Now, you have reversed our high-tech,
[Lyrics from: https:/]
but your buildings are falling from the sky,
and disappearing into thin air.

(Disappearing, disappearing, disappearing into,
disappearing, disappearing,
disappearing into thin air).

Sorry to have downloaded a terabyte of music,
from your internet to the spaceship smart-gramophone.
Sorry to have downloaded a terabyte of music,
(Good-bye, earthling),
from your internet to the spaceship smart-gramophone.
(Good-bye, earthlings).

The final warning:
Please take it easy.
Greetings to dizzy Miss Lizzy,
I'll see you inside the black hole.

(Sorry to have downloaded,
sorry to have downloaded,
sorry to have downloaded,
sorry to have download,
sorry to have downloaded, have downloaded).

Don't ask for pity,
there is no more in the universe.
The time will come for you to become
a citizen of the multiverse.
Don't ask for pity, let's take a stroll,
you built this city, you built this city on rockn'roll.
(That belongs to another song, brother)

Goo-good-bye earthlings,
Goo-good-bye Obamas,
Goo-good-bye Nostradamus,
Goo-good-bye Cristina,
Goo-good-bye gasolina,
Yeah you say you have a civilization.
What about your need for domination?
What about your human exploitation?

Yeah you say you have an explanation.
You say we don't exist.

You better walk and resist,
like a Turkish,
like a Turkish in the mist.
(Like a Turkish in the mist).

Ringing bells, ringing bells,
ask to H.G.Wells,
you have an impossible cause,
you were visited by Santa Claus.

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