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Alice In Wonderland - Chapter 12: Assistance lyrics

Donald: She must've gotten kidnapped while we were fighting.

Queen of Hearts: You fools! Find the one who's behind this! I don't care

Sora's group proceeds to Lotus Forest. In there, the Cheshire Cat

Donald: Have you seen Alice?

Cheshire Cat: Alice, no. Shadow, yes!

Goofy: Where did they go?

Cheshire Cat: This way? That way? Does it matter? Left, right, up, down!
All mixed up thanks to the shadows! Step deeper into the forest to the
deserted garden. You might find shadows in the upside-down room!

Sora's group proceeds to the Bizarre Room. There, the Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat: They're hiding somewhere. And the momeraths outgrabe. Want
to find the shadows? Try turning on the light.

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Sora's group touched one of the lights and it turned on with the flower
growing. The Cheshire Cat appeared.

Cheshire Cat: It's too dim. Make it brighter.

Donald: What next?

Cheshire Cat: One more lamp that you need to light.

Sora's group turned on the second light. The Cheshire Cat appeared.

Cheshire Cat: All the lights are on. You'll see the shadows soon.
They'll arise in this room, but somewhere else. The shadows might go
after that doorknob, too.

Sora's group proceeds to the normal Bizarre Room and the Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat: You'll have a better view from higher up.

Sora's group jumps up to the table and talks to the Cheshire Cat.

Cheshire Cat: The shadows should be here soon. Are you prepared for the
worst? If not, too bad!

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