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Alex Wharton - Corps De Blah lyrics

Hence went and cracked an atom age old egg
Beneath my nose
The sky-clads ash with jettisoning the roost
I'm bumping into leghorns in the darkness

Excuse me
Dear god, excuse me

Accrue too flew and burned my teeth
With kitchen matches struck on stone
Boiling owls shriek
Arab widow flayed cadenzas

I'm wading through blue, vacant veins of Sterzing
The chiseller keeps slipping away

Cholesteroled mansions crowded with sulphured air
Dip to Kyrie's lone whistler in the shadows
Simitar sideburn, charging on the purple purlieus
Scrape to Goitres gray carnation through the stubble

Epicanthic knobbler of ninon
Arch to Macaronic mahout in the mascon

Ah, my old scabby Sachem
A sphinters tooting our tune
If only 'I' could pick you
Wed slosh, wed slide, we'd cling
'Round a kelloggs floor

His severed, yellow-eyes weeping
Da da da, da da da
From the spit-roast smoke curling
Da da da, da da da

"Rack off from this ravished slather"
"Keep your vile rattus small adult hand to yourself"
"Take your turnshoes and wobble"
"Turnshoes and wobble"

Jihad jive lobs leaking beanbag
Through a cut-out clowns astonished mouth
Shrivelled pods climb to the sun
Beneath your skirts

Then suddenly, there's hissing on the gumbo
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I'm drowning in yonical tears

Grinding upheaval
Always affects the genitals
Sniff to breaths bereft Manhattans in the Duma

Unleavened bread-head
The window behind, alive with wheeze driven flakes
Bob to rotting grapes bunch brooch on chest of bruises

Nothing clears a room like removing a brain
Hail the rain
Hail the rain
Hail the rain

Ah, my sweet Sagamore wino
Face full of drunken ticks
If only I could sip you

Like flies sip at wide eyes
On a desert floor
We could move to the sticks
Say Earl's Court or Embankment
While the Thames flows black as camel piss
Let the icy thermals dervish around our feet

Dare, step out on me
I'll step out on you
Dare, step out on me
I'll step out on you

Bish Bosch and what more
Aare depositions for?

Eukaryotic gobbler of gavotte
Knee to deafening tiny feet upon the branches
Altair, Vega, Drogba and Deneb
Doff to dentist's stoop of moon above the haunches

Sealable nostrils
Squeezed through eye of coupling pin
Heil to ober-bearing night starting to smoulder

First fiddlers mark
Right there, under the jaw
Nod to double-bladed axe
Poised over shoulder

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