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Alan Meyerson - Buzz Gum lyrics

Gotta find a way to get out
Turning my whole world upside down
When you realise you'll find the time
And everything will work out just fine

Every day I sit down and wait
Should've know I'd left it too late
I've seen you cry and realise
That everything will just work out fine
So let love always shine on
Turn the light on 'til everyone goes blind
And we'll just stay together
Make it better all the time

Did you say that love has its price?
Paying with the time of our lives
It's not a crime so realise
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That everything will work out alright

Strip away your hopes and your fears
Drowning in the tracks of my tears
Stop the lies and dry your eyes
And everything will work out alright


Just for a day
I'll slip away
'Cause there's nothing left
And it's all such a mess
And I can't recall
Any good times at all


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