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Alan Lauris - How You're Able To Smile lyrics

Music: Alan Lauris
Lyrics: John Coughlan

Show me how you're able to manage a smile
While all aroud you, they're all crying
Can it be that lying deep down inside
There's a part of you you're denying

Show me how you're able to smile
Look through your eyes and I'd run a mile
You make me feel just like a child

Show me how you're able to smile
Is it a mixture of courage and guile
How can you still laugh and smile

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Show me how you manage to cope with it all
And you can do it without falling
Show me how you keep your eye on the ball
Like it's your own special calling

You know that's why we look up to you
Why we admire the things you do
No, you're never less than true

Show me how you're able to grin
Show me how you keep it all in
It's such an amazing thing

I see the eyes of the others
When they stand and they look at you
I see the smiles on their faces
And I know what you said was true
How you would make it through

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