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Al Hoffman - Lord and Lady Whoozis lyrics

Isn't it strange
The strange little change
That comes with a few new clothes?

Isn't it odd
How people will nod
Whenever you strike a pose?

I'm like Cinderella tonight

And I'm your my fella tonight

When we appear
We are certain to hear
A series of "ahs" and "ohs"

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Oh the music will blare
The people will stare
Whenever they see us anywhere
I think they'll think we're Lord and Lady Whoozis

I can picture just how
The waiters will bow
We're liable to be a social wow
I bet they'll bet we're Lord and Lady Whoozis

We'll be rubbing elbows with the best society
And when we do

They'll observe some hi-dee-high-ety
They never knew

We'll be happy until
The music is still

But baby, when they present the bill
I think they think we're Lord and Lady Whoozis

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