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Ak'Sent - All I Need lyrics

All i need in this world is for somebody for me that treats me right (all i need in this world)
So i know he gon be there when i need him and hold me down for life (hold me down baby)
And baby boy if you want you know how i feel for you inside (cause this is crazy)
And you know i love you and one day i'm gon make you mine

Verse 1:
I don't care if he don't party like diddy
Face ain't omarion
Body ain't 50', as long as I can call him mine
And i be still with him, he say he love me all the time
Make me feel pretty,get his name on my titty
No baby momma
No drama
And i ain't no empty promises, promise him to give me
Everything i need, if i need it be gift b, everything i want if i want it yeh gimme
When i'm gon he'd miss me
Tiffily to kiss me
Simpily my simlily
My melody, my symphony
Everything he tellin me i feel it because he meant for me
His thug is propelling me
Love will forever be
All in it together now
Wifey on the recipe
Married on the spot be the cherry on top
If i'm fallin forever now his arms be for catchin me
And he ain't ever lettin me drop, no

Cause your makin me, crazy inside I can't hide it (crazy in love)
And its plain to see, I belong to you and you belong to me (ohhh)
Maybe you and me, can spend some time together (just alittle time c'mon)
If you promise me, i'm gon promise you that its alright..
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Verse 2:
The rings of things he seen about him bring him out
He bring the bling bling and said he dream of a spouse
From the first thing is like i seen no doubts thats why i played queen to the king of the house
I like to be wifey, a thing for the c ----
His life excites me, and none like him
His love entice me, it screams no doubts
When he touch me
Tease me
Squeeze me
Bite me
Please me, i know it ain't easy but he do it
Won't leave me, and never decieve me to prove it
To his boy, i'm his number 1 boo nd' ain't no body true like the true'ess, yeh
He keeps skys blue and keep eyes dry, shoot
Why cry when i got this fly guy
Got me on cloud 9 with his love inside
I had to give this thug a try, uh huh


Verse 3:
I roll with the best (yeh)
Shouldn't take him for soft, try to put a test him
Hold somethin on him
Teach dummies a listen
True to the street, he don't give cop professions, he'll never wear a wire
Top false doors like they vaughn from the wire
Blue range rover, 22 inch rada's
Stash box under the dash box craddles the hott
I gotta be with him, i don't know what i'd do if i'm not


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