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Ak'Sent - This One lyrics

Hold up, aksent roll up
Big car, big money, no what
We in the truck with the windows all smoked up
Got 38s spinning on ma tour bus
Bad mamis with the letter..
Shorty with her own thing, no rollies
So grown up you love ma style
Trust lil mama, I'm bout to be a pharrell
I'm in a spot with the speakers pumpin
Clown dancin, got the dance floor jumpin
Drinks pa**in, see the chicks are bumpin
Homie like mama can I tell you somethin
NOPE, naw already got a guy
Not lookin for another already got mine
(but I got alot of money) okay so do I
And I'm not a gold digger, homie pleace nice try

This party is packed, its jumpin
You ain't hangin with us, you frontin
Make a track where you kiss nothin
Got up off the wall, y'all do something
I'ma make y'all move to this one
I'ma make y'all grove to this one
I bet y'all sweat to this one
Bounce rock shake to this one

I guess y'all really don't know me ma jacob and ma rolly
Cats on the phone like work it shorty
I'm not feelin you, I'm feelin your homie
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Aksent roll deep, neva lonely
You know the label, capital homie
If you don't know then ask somebody
Ma gla**es ain't cheap they...
I'm the spot now we locked in, boxed in
The party right here
Work it mama, do here
Gotta score like usher screamin YEAH YEAH
Yeah go do it right there
Stay with rhythum, grove right here
Make everybody move to the rear
Shake your body, don't stop over here


Eh shorty just roll with the she
Lets make this move, no games for me
You'll see me before you wanna be
With aksent, thats me UGH
And you'll neva find another chick with a nicer spit
And you'll neva find a chick so ill with looks to k**, for real
And that why its so cold
Quitting other cats they left in the road
Me clam you, com'on boo thats old
Just picture us together over the centerfold
Naw, too young for all of that
I'm just trying to get it crackilatin like that
Hit a couple jump offs, and listen like that
Cuz when we in the zone, ain't no coming back, CHIEF


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