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Akam - My Every Dream lyrics

Check the melody when your checking my flow
I be getting cash money but it ain't enough dough
To be claiming that I'm rich so I pocket and go
I'm tryna do a couple things like a couple of shows
But it never pans out so I settle for those
Whats that? That's never, when you say where to go
You just say how you feel, for better, for worse
Hopefully somebody listen, when you sell em your soul, uh

Master in disguise, that's me, V to the A to the I to the N
Can't complain my whole life is full of gems
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Master the cla**ics prepared for the win
Settle for the dust, life full of sin
City full of angels, gone with the wind
Devil plays the advocate but me I play the kid
High strung out, overdose, next of kin
Gotta find a burial but only in my dreams
Wasn't born in Africa like Prince Akeem
Went through a lot in my life, so free
Somewhere in a zone where nobody knows me
Never put the mask on follow my league
I'ma born bred winner never fall too deep
Hibernate in the summer I'll be back in the spring
Once winter time came, no coat, no cleats, uh

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