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Ajavious Deo'Vante - Alcohol lyrics

It's like this
‘Til morning
Up all night
Steady zoning
Got my right
She always wanting
That drink
Up in the morning
so I start pouring out
my heart gets bent
trying to figure out
what did I do
to fill you with doubt
when things remain same
this aint a game
with shawty on my side
i lock all my fears away
but when the drink bites
it numbs the pain

If I
Drown my fears
At night
[At night] Let me ease the pain
While i'm on cloud 9
Girl blame it on the alcohol
give up
if i seen
this day
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Don't blame me
when I act this way
Girl blame it on the alcohol

Verse 2:
The truth is
I never wanna be alone
Even if I do right
I'll be left alone
When time flies by
will I catch you at home
I'm in the wrong
it seems like everything's
if you're drowning
from the fountains
but feel no rain
or broken
from inside
and feel no pain
like the skeletons
in my closet
im sealed away
when you pull these chains
I brake down
without this remedy
I can't face
you mean everything to
a dark child
who seems to be falling out

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